Why Rehearse: What It Does to Your Career

North Wales wedding photographerAttending rehearsals is often deemed unnecessary for many photographers. For a professional North Wales wedding photographer, though, should you have a different opinion on this?

After getting to know about the issue from many other photographers, we wish to tell you about it.

Those who don’t

As a matter of fact, there are a number of professional photographers who decide to not attend their clients’ rehearsals unless it’s very necessary. It’s not like they always fail in their wedding photography job and there are still clients satisfied with their job. Photography is a subjective thing; you may hate it but others could love it.

However, these are people who could’ve done more for their clients. It’s not that hard to attend the rehearsals of your client and you can even include a lot of pictures from there. If you’re one of those who also think that attending isn’t necessary, read on.

Who did it

There are many wedding photographers who remain diligent in attending their clients’ wedding rehearsals. Those rehearsals can last hours in the evening when photographers could’ve chilled or focused on their other work. But these people gain benefits from it.

These photographers have the chance to take some rehearsal pictures. As a matter of fact, there are photographers who actually made it into a paid service. It’s, however, a better idea to just include it into the whole package. Clients appreciate bonus service better than having to be conscious about paying it.

A professional North Wales wedding photographer who does it is from http://www.mauricerobertsphotography.com/. It doesn’t just give her the chance to take pictures of the rehearsal, but also other benefits. She gets to rehearse herself, too!

That’s right, you can practice. But why do that if you’ve already done this for years? No venue is the same and you may be met with clients with uncommon requests and conditions. That demands you to be professional and prepared for the wedding even though it’s a first for you. Just remember the day when you first work on a wedding photography. You were so careful and prepared so much for it!

Help your clients

Sometimes, your clients need help with their wedding preparation and they may not even realize it. Your insight will always be appreciated by them, whether or not they will act based upon it. If they do, your points will be added up and if they don’t, you can chill and help out with something else. Meeting up in person will also allow you to discuss wedding pictures and try them on the spot.

You can show some of your ideas and send the pictures of their rehearsal dinner as teaser pictures for their wedding pictures.

Helping them will also build the relationship between you. If the two of you are comfortable with each other, it’ll be easier to work with them later on the actual wedding. The rehearsal day has a more relaxed vibe to it, but on the wedding day, the couple could be very nervous. Knowing they’ve practiced beforehand with their North Wales wedding photographer will help with their expression and produce better pictures.

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