What Parents Should Know About Newborn Baby Photography Safety

newborn baby photographyParents want the best and have every moment captured. Looking for a newborn baby photography session is a part of that and it’s getting very common nowadays. More and more photographers are offering the service to capture your little’s ones very first days of life. But with that, issues on safety arose, as more photographers with a very minimum background of handling newborn babies.

Safety is your first priority and don’t you think that nothing could happen in an innocent session of taking baby pictures. Yes, a lot of things can happen there if you don’t know how to keep the photographer from recklessly handling your newborn baby.


A newborn baby requires warmth to get the immune system and metabolism running well. As the baby is still new to the environment, you need to make sure it’s comfortable all the time. The body can only focus on adjusting and strengthening the baby right now, but not fighting against coldness. When you enter the studio, you want it to be warm enough for your baby.

Optionally, a portable heater should be turned on and blasted towards the baby’s position, but not too close. It should be from a good enough distance, so it’s at the right warmth level.


A photographer has to be very gentle in handling babies. This quality is arguably hard to determine when you first meet them because you are supposedly still a few months away from due date. But there’s a big chance that experienced photographers are gentler with newborn babies. They are not awkward and knows exactly how to hold newborn babies the right way.

You can see portfolios of newborn baby photography at http://www.juliaandmia.com/. The more pictures of different babies they can show, the better it is because that means they have a lot of experiences with newborn babies.

Your own observation

It’s also important that you remind the photographer to be given details on what he plans to do for the photography. That way, you get more insight into what kind of props are used, how they are used and if your baby will only be placed around a safe set. Somethings are more to your own opinions and observation, as the use of a hanging bag.

Some photographers don’t think it’s going to be dangerous to use hanging bags. As long as they are hung on a reliable, durable hook, you wouldn’t have to worry about the bag falling down. Newborn babies also don’t move around as much and mostly just sleep. But some parents don’t like the idea at all and prefer to keep the baby on the ground.

Enjoy it but remain observant

This is a session where you will make the very first memories with your little one since the day the baby arrives at the world. It’s a happy day and you need to enjoy this day to the max even though you might be tired from sleepless nights and from thinking about the pile of work you need to do. But remain observant on how your photographer is taking care of the baby.

Overall, newborn baby photography is a great way to make memories so long as you keep it a safe and enjoyable session with your photographer!

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