Things To Consider When Choosing Wild Wedding Flowers 

wedding flowersThere are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding. It is therefore no surprise that most couples look to the expert services of wedding planners to get the ball rolling for the features that go about making the day a success. Even the old fashioned couple that decides they want to do everything themselves still find themselves seeking the aid of their family members and wedding vendors.

Over the years, there are certain features of weddings that have become quite common place.

This is to the point that the absence of such features will make the wedding arrangements less complete. Apart from the couple meeting each other at the altar, one standard requirement of a wedding are the wedding flowers.

It is hard to imagine a wedding that lack wedding flowers.

There is a symbolic interpretation affixed to the use of wild wedding flowers. According to tradition, the wedding flowers represent the spring of the new life of a couple together. The bright blooms and wild nature of the flowers combined with their sweet scent represent joy in the marriage, passion the couple has for one another and finally sweet romance that should linger for a long while.

Deciding on the type of wild wedding flowers you want in your wedding is very important as every flower has a meaning attached to them. You want a flower that represents not only you and your partner but the new journey you hope to embark on together. Therefore, it is important that you consider the following when deciding on flower arrangements:


Naturally, flowers after being plucked from their source will wither. However, what you should be concerned with in terms of durability for your wild wedding flowers is if they will remain fresh enough to hold during the wedding event. You definitely do not want wilted flowers adorning your wedding venue as they can detract from the beauty of the background. Therefore, when making a choice on wedding flowers, you need to consider the time of year and the elements of the environment that can affect them.

The motif

Imagine having a Mardi Gras themed wedding yet the flowers present in the wedding do nothing to tie into the theme whether in terms of meaning or colour. If you are going to be choosing the flowers of your wedding, you need to make sure that the colour scheme ties into the theme of the wedding and even serves as an extension. If you have a florist supplying you with the flowers, then it would be wise to explain the theme of the wedding or showcase the material that will be heavily used in decorations at the wedding venue.


Do you want to be traditional or break away from tradition and form your own rules? It is conventional for carnations and roses to be featured in weddings. As a matter of fact, they are regarded as wedding staples. This is not necessarily a bad thing but remember that this is your wedding day and you should try to make everything that features in it represent the personal tastes of you and your partner. Check out for creative uses of flowers.

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