Wedding Photography On-Location Know-How’s

wedding photography tipsNew breeds of wedding photographers now flourish and thrive in on-location wedding photography. It takes a certain set of skills to be able to master this type of craft and to actually be marketable in this particular niche. There are a lot of variables to factor in and to seriously think about. If the setting is outdoors, obviously, you have the weather to think about and prepare for given that it can change any moment and without much notice. On-location wedding photographers south wales are usually very flexible and resourceful and can think on their feet without and without too much time to do so in between. If you are a new photographer and this is something that you would like to seriously get into, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Photo walk

If there is one trick that almost works across the board for all on-location wedding photography venues, it would have to be the idea of a photo walk. People tend to look more natural and at ease when they walk around. Encourage them to keep their mind off the fact that this is a photo shoot. Have them talk about anything and everything that interests them and makes for good conversation. Just standing and sitting tends to make people a little bored and stiff at times so a nice and slow photo walk will actually encourage interesting moods and facial expressions that you would not have gotten otherwise. It also lets you capture varying scenes and landscapes as opposed to keeping your subjects stationary and just in one place and in one pose alone.

Theme or story

Again, and this cannot be emphasized enough times, the photographer really is a storyteller using his camera as a medium instead of putting pen to paper. It is essential that you come up with a theme or a story that you will be able to more or less string together. Telling a story is the most basic way to fascinate an audience. When your photos are able to connect in such a way that they make sense and tell a deeper story than what can be seen at face value, you are more likely to be able to capture your audience and come up with brilliantly gorgeous wedding photos.


Know your gear inside and out and be a master of its technical capacities. A great and high end camera is wasted on someone who does not take the time to really know or acquaint himself adeptly with it so take your time to do practice shots well ahead of time and really get to play with the settings and modes of your camera. Orient yourself with how the images usually turn out when you do a combination of a particular setting and mode. Figure out what types of lenses work well for the effect that you are going for. A master painter does not become a master painter without skillful knowledge of his brushes and paints, after all. Bring your camera with you every day and look out for that daily inspiration.

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