Wedding Photography Tips That Really Count

wedding photographyGet a secondary camera when you are covering the wedding event.

Chances are, you already have your main camera down pat. You need something reliable and high quality enough to give you great looking photos. If you have been doing the photography thing for quite some time now, you probably already understand the value of what a second camera. If you do not know the value just yet, be rest assured beyond any kind of argument whatsoever that having enough foresight to have a second body will really get to save you from the horror of having your gear break down on you in the middle of shooting an event and you have no way of saving the day because you don’t have anything planned for backup. Understandably, this can be a bit of an issue for people who are just starting out. Cameras can be impossibly expensive and can really break the bank especially if you haven’t established your career just yet. Rent or borrow one for a bit if this is something too expensive for you at the start.

Get another lens as well and use your second camera to house that lens.

You will want a telephoto lens as well as a wide angle lens as your first two camera lens options. It is also extremely smart if you house your two lenses on the two cameras you have. Having a different lens on each camera body will save you a lot of time when it comes to having to switch in between lenses. You can go ahead and switch in between cameras instead. It is something much faster and just so much more convenient. You get insurance for when your equipment breaks down and it will be easy for you to chance the perspectives by just switching in between cameras.

Get another person with you when you are covering events.

Assemble a team as much as possible. A wedding photographer who is on a shoestring budget will probably resort to skipping out on getting a second shooter but then again, you have to remember the fact that you only get what you pay for. A second shooter is crucial to making sure that you are able to keep track of all of the important shots that you would need to make. It covers a lot of things. You get to have a second set of gear which will serve you great for insurance, probably a second lens, and you are surely able to stay more focused and you will less likely miss an important shot.

Do not allow yourself to ever run out of ammunition in the middle of the coverage.

Do not run out of camera batteries, ever. It is a cardinal sin for a Nottingham wedding photographer to pack just one camera battery but only one will not last you an entire event. Buy new batteries so you get enough spares. It should not cost you more than $20 per piece.

Do not run out of memory space.

Opt to go for a camera that has dual memory card slots because it allows you twice the memory space. Pack way more than you need.

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Tips in Hiring Out a Wedding Photographer

hire wedding photographerHiring out a wedding photographer is one of the most important things that you will be doing when organizing your wedding. You need to give this a particularly relative importance because of the fact that once the wedding is over and once everyone starts going home, the photos and all of the other mementos that come along with them are the only things that you will have left to remember the most special day of your life by. It can be costly but it sure is money that is well spent by all means.

  1. Do your research and make a list of the wedding photographers who have an active business in your area.

Check out all of the wedding photographers in your area and make a list of all of them so you can sift through them one by one. Think about what kind of wedding photography style you would like to go for and look for the wedding photographer who best fits into what you are thinking about doing for your wedding event.

  1. Check out their blogs and their portfolios online and figure out if the works posted are good enough to impress you into getting them to cover your own wedding.

Blogs and portfolios say a lot about the wedding photographer dorset and everything that he works for and believes in. This is one of the most perfect places for you to start with. You will find out what kind of style they go with, how they work, and what amount of attention they pay to details. You want someone who knows how to write too because it well come in handy when it comes to the editing part of your wedding photos.

  1. Ask them if they have a team that works with them when they are covering weddings.

You can’t afford to have just one man go in solo to cover your wedding. You need a full team to back him up. If you want to make sure that everything comes by without so much as a hitch, then you should go for a solid team who will be able to break up all of the tasks and all of the ground that needs to be covered once your wedding day actually commences.

  1. Ask them for a list of all of their services and all of the prices that come along with it.

Compare it to the pricing of other wedding photographers whom you may be considering to hire. Pricing is absolutely important when it comes to hiring out a wedding photographer. You are looking for a service that adds value to the money that you are putting in. You want something fairly affordable without being too cheap at some point.

  1. Find out what kind of format they are filming their images in.

You are looking for someone who films in RAW format and nothing less. RAW format brings in all of the other information that comes with the images the moment they were captured so the images come out looking really clear and crisp and nothing like any other format can possibly bring in.

5. Get a contract drawn up by all means.

You need to make sure that you protect yourself from the possible liabilities. Check out the contact and get it reviewed by lawyer.

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Starting a Wedding Photography Career

wedding photography tipsWedding photography is a fairly lucrative career if this is something that you approach and get to do right. This is something that you can prepare well ahead for. For starters, you need a certain interest for photography and the arts, of course. If wedding photography is something that you have long loved, then chances are, you already have all of the basic equipment that you could ever need. Launching it professionally would have to mean that you need to prepare for it a little more, though. You need two to three high quality cameras. The first two you can use simultaneously and mount different kinds of lenses on while the third one you can save for a rainy day (or for a really bad time where your camera breaks in the middle of an event that you are covering).


Prep up your gear and make sure that you have everything down pat before you start. You need to make sure that you are able to get everything set up way ahead of time. Pack up more than enough extra camera batteries and memory cards than you may think you may need or end up using. Nothing can be far worse than being caught in the middle of a shoot and find out that you are running low on ammo. You cannot bolt out of the event that you are covering and you cannot just head out and get new supplies because that would mean that you will be losing a lot of precious moments and that is something that you cannot afford to happen.


Gain all the right kind of experience first. Cover a few weddings on your own and get your feet wet first before you start launching a career in wedding photography. Experience is everything. You cannot start taking on paying clients if this is something that you do not have on the table. This can be difficult to start off with at first. Like seriously, you need experience to start gaining experience? How exactly does something like that work out? Well, you can offer to assist a more experienced wedding photographer in the events he is covering just so that you know and learn the ropes of what goes on in a wedding event and what the wedding photographer Cambridge does.


Create a blog and start writing. A blog will establish your online presence and if writing is not exactly your strongest suit, then you best start working on it.


Build up your portfolio and put forth the best of your works. The portfolio is the wedding photographer’s resume. Put up the best of your works and arrange them accordingly and make sure that they get to represent you in the best of ways.


Work on continually getting fresh supply of creativity and inspiration and work on it every day. Creative juices may run dry at some point so if you want to keep them coming, follow the photographers whose works inspire you the most on a regular basis.


Get a contract drawn up and get is reviewed by a lawyer. Make sure you get your legalities covered by all means. Protect yourself and protect your business.

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Reasons Why You Should Get a Professional Wedding Photographer

  • wedding tipsYou are guaranteed that a professional wedding photographer will always come prepared and will not waste your time or pretty much anybody else’s time.

He understands the value of a well planned and well prepared setup and will always make sure that you get nothing less than you deserve at some point. You walk right into a venue and you see everything has been pre-arranged and pretty photo-worthy already. He will also come in early all of the time. More often than not, he will even go through the efforts of scouting the location ahead of time so that he is able to familiarize himself to the place so that everything pretty much goes smoothly once the wedding day comes in. A true wedding photographer will always set aside more than enough extra batteries and memory cards than he could ever need as well so you are guaranteed that they will never run out during the events.

  • You can expect gorgeous and expertly edited photos if you rely on the handiwork of a professional wedding photographer.

Your photos will always come out looking posh and polished. The photographer goes through each and every single image painstakingly and meticulously and tediously puts in all of the effects and touches up the photos that need fixing. This is an absolute requirement especially if you are looking for photos that are worthy enough to be immortalized in the wedding mementos.

  • All of the liabilities will be well prepared for.

All of the risks will be mitigated. All of the contingencies will be set in place so that you do not come across any surprises. It comes with the territory of having a professional wedding photographer to cover your wedding event. He will make sure that there is a contract drawn up to protect both parties in the event of any kinds of incidents whatsoever. This contract will be scrutinized and proofread by a legal attorney and will be checked through several times until finally perfected.

  • A professional wedding photographer’s concern will always be the quality of his work and never just the amount of hours that goes in a project.

The price packages will most often include the amount of hours that are to be put in but a true professional photographer knows how to keep his eyes on the prize. His entire focus will be on making sure that the photos come out looking great in any way, shape or form, and that’s it. If he has to put in extra hours at some point, then so be it. He will not mind it too much for as long as he gets the end results he is aiming for.

Getting a professional wedding photographer also ensures that your guests will not be irritated by said photographer’s overbearing presence because he will not keep people too long and they will get right on to enjoy the event. A great wedding photographer hampshire knows how to strong-arm himself into a throng of people without coming off as someone who is being rude and authoritative. He knows how to delicately balance everything and will be able to pull it off quite splendidly.

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Going Pro? Take These Tips from Wedding Photographers

  • wedding photography tipsGain experience

Gain some experience before even thinking about anything else to begin with. Wedding photographers like wedding photographer Birmingham know that this is probably one of the hardest hurdles to tackle. As much as you would like to start earning right away and booking clients left and right the moment that you announced to the world that you are launching your career, no one will really book you until you get some solid experience first. This can be hard.

How will you start impressing wedding photography clients with the quality of your work when you can’t even get anything to cover just yet? The answer is for you to attempt doing it for free at first. You can do it as favors for your friends and family members (although you must give them the full disclosure that you have not had experience in the past). Most of them will appreciate the sentiment and will welcome the fact that it is absolutely for free. Go at it for about four or five projects before you start taking on clients.

  • Arrange portfolio

Get your portfolio arranged well and in order. Again, you can’t do this without some kind of experience. Once you have gathered enough projects to collate from your free coverage of weddings of family members and friends, you should put them up in your online portfolio. Always keep in mind that this is the very first thing that a client will get to see and assess so make sure that your works are impressive enough to really get them to book you for a wedding photography gig. If you think that a project is not one of your best ones, you don’t have to put it up.

  • Upgrade gear

Get your gear up to date and make sure that you will be able to take high resolution and high quality photos as much as possible. Wedding photography is an expensive niche. Cameras alone don’t span the extent of the startup costs. You need everything in the highest quality possible. You need to get a computer with photo editing software, all the necessary accessories, an assortment of expensive but creative lenses, and so on and so forth. But these are investments worth taking and something that you will definitely be able to profit from in the future.

  • Find a team

Try to go and see if you can find a team to help you out in your coverage. You can’t fly in solo. There are too many things at risk and provided the fact that you are just starting out, you need to build up your reputation as well. Offer per job gigs to fellow professionals and you should be able to come up with a team who is at least on-call for when you cover your wedding events. In the long run, if you progress enough, you should be able to really form your own team.

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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsAlthough there is a certain ring of truth to the statement that the wedding photography niche is somewhat already saturated and literally swarming with wedding photographers left and right, it is also true that you have to be picky with the photographer that you should allow to immortalize your wedding photos. You have to zero back to the fact that your wedding day will never happen again. It only happens once to most people. You also have to remember that moments are usually fleeting and if by the bad chance that you get a photographer who is not very skilled, you may lose those moments forever. Memories fade but photographs – especially digital ones – don’t. So how do you go about accomplishing this mammoth task?

First and foremost, do your research

Hit up your social media profiles and check out friends and relatives who may have recently been married. Check the quality of their photos and feel free to ask about how satisfied they are with the coverage that they were able to get. A glowing recommendation is something that should not go unnoticed. Also go through the motions of really looking at whatever they have posted online. Read up a little on their blogs and see what their take is on certain wedding photography related topics. If you like their style, it should speak volumes with regards to what they will be able to accomplish in your wedding. Scrutinize their online portfolios relentlessly. Professional wedding photographers will always make sure that their portfolios are flawless and of the highest possible quality.

Ask your prospective wedding photographer if he has a team

A team will serve as his fallback in the event that something happens to him during the actual wedding day. Weddings are huge and the responsibilities are countless and somewhat scattered. It will not be humanly possible for a wedding photographer to get to cover all possible grounds and angles without a competent working team by his side. If you are paying top dollar for coverage like this, it is well within your rights to require a team to cover your wedding.

Look at your wedding photographer’s gear

Do not be mediocre with the kind and quality of cameras that you can pass off as good enough to cover your wedding. Remember, you are a paying customer and you should make sure that you get nothing but the highest quality of photos as much as possible. Ask your photographer what format they are filming in. What you’re looking for is an event photographer who films in RAW, and not in JPEG format. JPEG formats are only great for your usual run-of-the-mill selfies. Be wise enough to remember that. Also make sure that he has backup cameras just in case something happens to his primary one.

Ask for the tiered price packages that they have to offer you

Review the services that they come along with. It may sound crass at first but if you would like to make sure that you are getting the most value out of your money, compare different wedding photographers’ price packages against the quality of their works and against the amount of hours you will be getting.

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Wedding Photography On-Location Know-How’s

wedding photography tipsNew breeds of wedding photographers now flourish and thrive in on-location wedding photography. It takes a certain set of skills to be able to master this type of craft and to actually be marketable in this particular niche. There are a lot of variables to factor in and to seriously think about. If the setting is outdoors, obviously, you have the weather to think about and prepare for given that it can change any moment and without much notice. On-location wedding photographers south wales are usually very flexible and resourceful and can think on their feet without and without too much time to do so in between. If you are a new photographer and this is something that you would like to seriously get into, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Photo walk

If there is one trick that almost works across the board for all on-location wedding photography venues, it would have to be the idea of a photo walk. People tend to look more natural and at ease when they walk around. Encourage them to keep their mind off the fact that this is a photo shoot. Have them talk about anything and everything that interests them and makes for good conversation. Just standing and sitting tends to make people a little bored and stiff at times so a nice and slow photo walk will actually encourage interesting moods and facial expressions that you would not have gotten otherwise. It also lets you capture varying scenes and landscapes as opposed to keeping your subjects stationary and just in one place and in one pose alone.

Theme or story

Again, and this cannot be emphasized enough times, the photographer really is a storyteller using his camera as a medium instead of putting pen to paper. It is essential that you come up with a theme or a story that you will be able to more or less string together. Telling a story is the most basic way to fascinate an audience. When your photos are able to connect in such a way that they make sense and tell a deeper story than what can be seen at face value, you are more likely to be able to capture your audience and come up with brilliantly gorgeous wedding photos.


Know your gear inside and out and be a master of its technical capacities. A great and high end camera is wasted on someone who does not take the time to really know or acquaint himself adeptly with it so take your time to do practice shots well ahead of time and really get to play with the settings and modes of your camera. Orient yourself with how the images usually turn out when you do a combination of a particular setting and mode. Figure out what types of lenses work well for the effect that you are going for. A master painter does not become a master painter without skillful knowledge of his brushes and paints, after all. Bring your camera with you every day and look out for that daily inspiration.

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Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Know

wedding catererIf you are absolutely over the moon about being able to book your first wedding event ever, you should also have good reason to being extremely anxious about it as well. There are so many things that can go wrong and when you’re a novice in things like these, the wrong things always turn up almost all at once. Plus, it doesn’t help that you’ve never gone this route before and don’t exactly know what to expect both risk-wise and based on the flow of events.

If you wish that someone would give you some precious advice before you start out on your wedding photography hertfordshire journey, then this is the best place for you to start. Here are a few tips to help you get started in rocking out that first wedding photography gig.

Be a People Person

Although the photography aspect is absolutely required, such as technical knowledge, knowing how to manipulate your camera to get all the shots you want just the way you would like them to be captured, knowing how to play with the software post shoot so you can edit and come up with really gorgeous looking finished pictures; you also have to understand that it’s not all photography related. More than anything else, you have to be a people person. You have to know how to deal with a crowd and come off as firm but still friendly. You have to have that intrinsic ability to be able to strike up a conversation and make people more comfortable and feel at ease whenever you are filming. You also have to be patient and must know how to think on your feet in finding fast and effective solutions for problems that pop up all throughout the event. You have to think about not losing your call when things do not go your way.

Be the entertainer

Have fun with people and enjoy what you’re doing. People feel more at ease when they don’t get too intimidated so take the extra effort to introduce yourself and make it really apparent that you are interested to know them too. Crack jokes but keep it appropriate. Be friendly and keep it real.

Get as much experience

As much as possible, try to get as much experience as you can before the event. Apprentice for a more established wedding photographer just so that you are able to get your feet wet and don’t get too nervous because you’ve been there before. Look for inspiration online and try to practice either as a guest photographer in a friend’s wedding or stage a fake wedding with your friends and play around with your shots just so that you see what you can do.

Always prepare for the worst

Bring more than one camera so that you have a backup whenever something happens to the primary one. Stash a lot of extra batteries and memory cards to keep you covered enough at least until the end of the wedding event.

Know your gear

Know your gear and have at least the most basic of technical knowledge. Know how to manipulate your speed and light settings. Learn about all of the modes available on your camera and what they can do. It will save you a lot of time and embarrassment when you are well versed with your camera’s settings.

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Your Photography Website Should Be Well Organized

Photographer Silhouette-Male 1Photos

Your photos have to be put in the best possible light. One of the first things that people do when they hear about a business is check the business’s online presence. You do not want to get a negative impression placed upon your photography business because the photos on the website do not look ready for prime time.


The organization of the photographs is a big key. You can put your photographers in Folders on the website, or make sure there is a landing page for each set of photos. Once your photos are properly organized, people are more likely to buy them. If you have pictures of a sunset mixed in with a picture of waterfalls, then people are going to be confused. You have to set up a format that you know will work over the long haul. There are a lot of people looking for a consistent format from a photography website.


The best photography websites need to be dedicated to the development of letting people know what your main concepts are. Are you good with family portraits? Are you able to let people know what your goals are with a photograph? A lot of people don’t want to end up guessing about the benefits of a particular website, and what is the goals of this particular photo? You need to make sure that the HTML and coding that can be tied to your photography website looks good. You don’t want to end up seeing a lot of broken links on your website.


The broken links are going to look bad; people will think that nothing is there, and they will stop surfing your website. You can find a number of ways to make sure that you can set up a great website, and do so quickly. Your website needs to work extremely well within the world of e-commerce. You want to be able to find a way to make sure people are able to create some buzz about your website. This means when you post things from your website on social media; things need to look great. A social media manager can help your website look extremely good; you need to know that the social media manager can put your website photos on a given site, and definitely create a fair amount of positive content. Positive content can help people feel comfortable ordering photos from you, or hire you for a wedding.


The prices that are listed on your website need to be clear. If went wants ten by ten photos of their puppy was taken, then this pricing point needs to be listed on the site. This possibility is very important so you can end up landing the job.

Your website needs to be professional-looking like this cheshire wedding photography website, so it looks great to families. A lot of family photos can be big money for young people that want to go into photography or at least a consistent level of money. A great website can be important for economic development projects.

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Quick Wedding Photography How-To’s

wedding photographyIf you’re already a sort of starting out photographer, there is no doubt that the next step would be taking on projects either for fun or professionally; and for as far as photography is concerned, the best niche to ever get into would be wedding photography. After all, especially with the current market being where it is now, wedding photography is the most lucrative and the easiest one to wriggle your way into so far. Now, just so you know well ahead of time, there is no cut and dried formula for a really great and seamless wedding photography coverage. However, there are a few basic information that you will most likely be able to make good use of and we are sharing them with you in this article.

No matter how basic they are though, all you need to do is to keep in mind that this is something extremely important to your prospective clients. After all, for most people, this only happens once in their lives. Why do you think is there so much fuss over preparing for the wedding, picking the best and the most perfect bridal gown, having food and cake tastings, and hiring florists, photographers and planners? It is because weddings are the mother of all major celebrations and events!

So, here are a few how to’s we have compiled for you to just breeze by starting out with your wedding photography interests.

Scout out your venue and take practice shots out of them

It is of utmost importance that you know all of the best spots to photograph in. This will give you the seamless advantage of being able to choreograph your shots appropriately. You will also gauge how you will be able to play with the natural light, how much light is coming in, whether you will need to use flash and a deflector, and so on. You will also know which spots to steer away from. Avoid messy backgrounds and opt for those with nice lines that can perfectly frame your subjects.

Think about offering to assist a professional wedding photographer

Gain some experience through that. The best way to start covering your own wedding event would be to make sure that it is not your first time to do it. Offer to assist; it will help you get a feel for the things that actually go down in a wedding. You get to sort of visualize how it is for you and what you will opt to do if it is an event of your own and find out your own sequencing.

Own competitive equipment

Also, lastly but definitely not the least, you need to make sure that you have gear or equipment that is competitive enough for the task at hand. Try to have more than just one camera and more than just one lens so that you at least have varied options for when you take your photographs. Also make sure that you have a lot of backup memory cards and batteries so that you never run out and you always have enough to cover you all throughout the event.

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