What’s The Best Lens For Portrait Photography?

dslr lensChoosing the best lens for portrait photography can be tricky business. There are so many on the market these days and the can be quite expensive. But eventually you’re going to need one. After all, these are portrait pictures we’re talking about. You can’t just walk in with one of those disposable cameras, can you? Here are some tips to help you choose the best lens for portrait photography.

Consider your budget

Your first consideration should be your budget. If it’s going to break your bank to get a new lens then maybe you should wait until you’ve got another booking or two lined up. After all, the clients you already have hired you to be their photographer based on examples of your work without that new lens. Just continue to do your best work with the equipment you have and worry about a new lens when your budget allows.

Consider your other equipment

Before you spend money on an expensive lens take a look at your cameras and other equipment, too. Will you also be upgrading those? If you’re planning to buy a new camera soon then you’ll want to look for a lens that will work on both your current camera and the new, if possible.

In the photography business it’s not necessarily all about your equipment. Your personal style has a lot to do with helping to build your bookings. Your equipment will all be expensive but you don’t have to replace it or upgrade all at once. Invest in your equipment gradually and get the best your money will buy.

What type of lens should you choose?

Portraits shots account for a large percentage of wedding photos. And if you’re only including a few in your package because you don’t have the proper lens, then this is a good one to start with. Then you can add in those romantic outside shots with the bride and the groom posing on next to the pond.

A zoom lens is also important, especially for getting those candid shots of everybody getting ready before the wedding. And all the action shots during the reception.

A wide-angle lens is another good investment, especially for taking those shots of the whole wedding party or the front of the church or the limo as it’s pulling away. Our wedding ph0tographer Lancashire uses this when shooting the whole wedding venue.

But the best lens for wedding photography is the lens that gives you the best results. Because that’s really what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter what shots everybody else takes and it doesn’t matter what their work looks like. What matters is the quality and unique vision of your own photos. So take your time, watch your budget, and don’t be too hasty in your decision.

Lastly, the question, what are the best lens for portrait photography has been described above using a wedding scenario. It is true to say that most weddings apply this method and therefore the lens discussed above proves to be the best when it comes to producing quality photos. It is therefore advisable to open your eyes widely when selecting the best camera for certain occasions that uses portrait photography.

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