Moments You Don’t Want to Miss: Top 5 Shots for Cornwall Wedding Photographers

Cornwall wedding photographerAs a Cornwall wedding photographer, it is important that certain items and events that take place in the wedding day of a client must not be missed. Some of them are:

Wedding attire

This can be the bride’s wedding gown or the groom’s tuxedo. However you choose to go about the photography is up to you but in most cases, the choice of wedding style by the couple might have an effect on how creative you get to be with it. When it comes to the wedding attire, chances are you will get a lot of chances to have more than one shot at it. Regardless of how restricted you are when it comes to the type of shots you can take, it is important that the image gotten be a showcase of what symbolises marriage.

For the bride, the wedding gown is probably something she has dreamt about since she was a little girl and she might have gone to great lengths to ensure that what she wears to walk down the aisle is reflection of her dreams. As her Cornwall wedding photographer, you must be able to carry the image of these dreams into worthwhile pictures. The winning image can come from the dress hanging in the hotel room. Even though there might be nobody in the frame, the magic of the image can still showcase the entire emotion of the day.

The wedding venue

When it comes to choice of wedding venue, a lot of things can impact this but going by the sentimentality of the wedding day, the location a couple chooses might be an extension of their sense of style or what they hope their wedding day should embody. Every detail of the wedding venue is important from the wedding flowers, wedding food, wedding décor etc. and they all have a part to play in adding to the magic of the day. Your role as a Cornwall wedding photographer is to ensure that the beauty of the venue is well documented for the couple to see and admire how their effort turned out.

The first kiss

This is only going to happen once and you do not want to miss it. There are a lot of creative ways to go about capturing the first kiss and such is evident on Cornwall wedding photographer ( The first kiss can be taken from any angle and if you want differing angles for this in the wedding album, then you need to make sure you are fast with your camera shutter.

The first dance

Just like the first kiss, the first dance happens to be very important. After the wedding couple makes their declaration, all eyes will also be on them to take their first dance as a couple. The bride might be shy or the groom a little left-footed but that is all beauty for your camera lens to capture. You need to make sure that an image of the couple dancing is gotten from all angles. You can even have the wedding guests serve as backdrops to this occasion.

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