How to Shoot Better Portrait Photography

portrait photographyPortrait photography is a very old style of photographing people. It revolves around capturing people in posed style. Portrait captures whole or part of the body and usually shows the face of the subject. The style that photographer uses in capturing portraits have also begun to differ, but the core is still the same.

Right now, we will tell you how you can improve your photography skills by capturing portraits. Most likely, you haven’t implemented some of this or perhaps, you didn’t maximize them. It’s time to realize your talent better!

More background

How about increasing the background’s frame in the picture? Don’t keep on having the subject in the middle but move it to show more of the wall or the beautiful backdrop she’s standing at. Remember that just because the model is not standing in the middle, it does not mean that the people will be distracted when they look at the picture.

Remaining focused on the subject is a way to do this. You also shouldn’t shoot too far from the subject. Just enough to get her torso and up.

Change your angle

Always try to capture things is a different angle. Try snapping the same picture in a tilted way. Don’t be afraid to try out things. You can delete them later if you don’t like them. Also, you can snap your subject from sideways or even the back! As long as you can capture the subject’s features, you’re doing great.

Check out the different angle in portrait photography done by

Zoom in

Rather than focusing too much on the overall person, try to zoom into small details that you find significant about the person. On the other hand, you can also make the person carry a bag or something else to be focused on.

Put a nice bokeh on the subject while you do that. This can be hard to do if you don’t get close enough to the subject or if you place the object too close to the subject. You can also focus on the ground where your model is standing on. That crack in the wall makes the room feels vintage. That elegant vase makes the room feels classier, and so on.

You can also zoom in the facial features of the model. The eye is always a mesmerizing part of the body that is worth capturing. You can take a picture of the only window to the heart and world. Remember to time your focus carefully and do not use flash. It’s dangerous to the eyes.

Long exposure

Try to shoot a long exposure of your subject. This is especially great when done in crowded places. You can defocus people’s attention on the crowd around the subjects and allow the model to look sharp in the picture.


Another thing you can do is to edit the picture. There’s a lot of things you can do to portrait pictures. The advancement of editing tools allows portrait photography to no more look old or outdated. Try to put the picture in black and white mode, and then allow only specific colors to show up. Or enhance only one color, and bring down the contrast of other colors.

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