First Job? Here’s What You Should Do!

wedding photographers WaterfordWe really understand how some wedding photographers Waterford were so nervous on their first job. You might have worked under a professional before and basically understands the way of a wedding photographer. However, doing things yourself must have been a first and to be entrusted with something that important; anyone would be nervous!

That’s why we have prepared this easy to understand guide for all you first timers!

Venue scouting

Beginners must prepare themselves thoroughly. That includes scouting the venue on your own or with the clients during a rehearsal. You might or might not have been to the place, yet, you have never been to these places as a lead photographer. For your first job to be smooth, you need to recognize the place easily and are able to decide where to go and position yourself.

If you arrive with the decorations partly done, you will get a better view of how the place will look like. Inspiration will flow more correctly as you can find the best angle to shoot the clients and venue from. This is important for you to plan where you want to place your equipment and where the best spots are for taking wedding pictures.


Another important aspect to care is the equipment that you will use for your shooting. Before setting out, you need to check and make sure that the cameras are operating and things like the memory cards and lighting equipment work. Yet, even though they look fine in the morning, you need to prepare backup just in case your main equipment doesn’t work.

Professional wedding photographers Waterford like always make sure they have spare cameras to use. They also bring spare batteries and memory cards in case that the files get corrupted in the middle of the way or if the battery run out. Clients and guests won’t wait for you to finish charging your camera or formatting the memory card.

Plan the shoot

Remember to ask for the itinerary as soon as possible to plan what you need to shoot and when they should be done. The schedule may change on an actual day as unexpected things happen. However, this should help you imagine how long you may need for each session and revise your plan for your next job. For example, the group pictures session may take longer than you have prepared.

As you plan, remember to also bring up back up plans. If the time allocated is not enough, discuss with your clients on what you have in mind to still get the most important ones. It is also part of your responsibility to help your clients understand how long they need to get the pictures they want.

Expect the unexpected

Nobody wishes for rain on their wedding days, but it happens. We don’t plan for it, but we prepare in case of it happening. And like that, you can prepare umbrellas for the session in case they may need it. Even if it doesn’t rain, an umbrella can become a good prop to use.

Just like that, wedding photographers Waterford must learn expecting unfortunate things happening and turning them into opportunities.

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