Places for Grand Rapids Photographers to Promote Their Business

Grand Rapids photographersAs Grand Rapids Photographers, you must have heavily experimented with the various types of photography that are out there before settling on niche that befits you. However, now, you find yourself faced with a different problem that has nothing to do with niche, gear, camera, website or lens. As a matter of fact, all the aforementioned and in place and what you find yourself dealing with is the issue of visibility for your business.

In terms of visibility we are talking about the awareness the general public has about the existence of your services. One thing you need to know about photography is that is a highly competitive niche. To make it, you need to stand out from your closest competition. The best way you can do that is to constantly make yourself appear in front of potential clients and only constant adverts of your services can do that for you.

Are you confident in your ability to get customers constantly thinking about your brand when they think of photography options? If you are not, then this article is for you. In this list we have put together some od the best places for you to promote your business and the good news is they should it right into any budget you have. They are:

  • Portfolio

Perhaps the strongest tool Grand Rapids Photographers have when it comes to advertising your services is a portfolio of your personal works. From the images in this portfolio, your clients can gain a better understanding of what it is you can do for them. It is important to note that your portfolio needs to contain some of your best works so you can wow your clients from the onset. Once potential customers can see what you have done in the past, they will be more eager to contract your services. There are different ways for you to host a portfolio online from building your own website to making use of a free resource.

  • Social Media: Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that allows for picture and video sharing. Through a large follower base and hashtags, it is quite easy for images to go viral if you cultivate the platform for that very purpose. For your images to get the type of traction you want for them, it is really important that you make yourself a constant user of the platform and also upload content that drives engagement with general audiences. In this case, the content is your photographs. Once you post ensure that hashtags and captions are used to increase the likelihood of people coming across the image and that it also encourages interactions.

  • Picture Sharing Site: Pinterest

Another site that advocates for the sharing of pictures in the form of pin boards is Pinterest. Pinterest was around before Instagram but at the moment, Instagram has more users but this does not negate the influence of the platform. Just like Instagram, the use of hashtag and captions on a great shot increases the likelihood of audiences interacting with it. Great content always encourages engagement.

For more about promoting your work as Grand Rapids Photographers, visit Chrystin Melanie Photography.

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Things Couples Look Out For Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer Hampshire

wedding photographer HampshireThe job of a wedding photographer Hampshire is not any easier than a stock broker. The fact that he takes wedding pictures for a living do not make him any less than a professional. The photographer also faces the same challenges that other professionals face.

For a photographer, one of the major challenges would be convincing couples to give their services a try. The photography world is highly competitive with every photographer trying to make a name for themselves in a profession that is over populated. This is why you have photographers trying to define a niche for themselves by utilizing their skills to separate them from the rest.

The need for differentiation is highly important for them as they do not want their services to be seen as one and the same with everyone else’s. That is why even with the fact that photography is segmented into different types like wildlife, still-life, lifestyle etc, even within these types, you have different styles. An example is wedding photography where you have different styles such as Documentary, reportage, natural, fine art etc. These different styles have their unique points but in essence, this is a means for the photographer to showcase areas hey are good in.

To survive in the world of photography, the photographer has to take proactive steps in differentiating himself from the norm. These unique qualities or attributes is what the couple will look out for when in need of the services of a wedding photographer Hampshire. The thing about couples and photographers is that they are both humans. And as humans, they both want to be unique.

No couple is going to walk up to you and ask that you shoot their wedding image the same way you shot everybody else’s. No way! A couple is going to ask you, what can you do for me that is different from what you have done for your other clients. This is where you have to sell yourself.

When selling yourself, take note of the fact that the potential customer wants to know:

  • Your Style of Photography

Like we mentioned before, there are different styles of photography, the couple might not be aware of that fact. Now, this is your chance to explain to them about these different styles and sell them in on the one you specialize in. You explain your style of photography and how it fits in with the image the couple have in their head of what their wedding album should look.

  • Your Price

Consumers are mostly price sensitive. It is therefore up to you to make them look beyond the price to the value that is being offered. Every consumer wants value for their money and the case is not different when it comes to hiring the services of a wedding photographer Hampshire

  • The Packages you offer

What type of packages do you offer? Number of pictures to expect, number of hours you are willing to spend at the ceremony, the rates you charge etc. You can separate them into different packages so you can cover a larger audience.

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An Introduction to Wedding Photography Hertfordshire for Beginners

wedding photography HertfordshireAre weddings once in a lifetime? For the couples walking down the aisle looking forward to a happily ever after, that is definitely their wish! The wedding day is precious and only a handful of moments in the life of an individual are able to rival it.

What are the methods available to help you to reminisce about this special day? Well, for one, you have your memory! But, as time goes by, your capacity to hold new and old information decreases. Therefore, if you have plans on relying on your memory for the long term, now would be a good time to rethink it.

The second option available is to get wedding photography Hertfordshire. With wedding photographs, majority of the moments that occur during the wedding day are caught on camera and then printed out to form your wedding album. You have iconic moments intermixed with pictures of friends and family that were presented in helping you celebrate your special day.

The wedding photographs are very important to the couple; therefore it would be best if the photographer selected is one that takes his or her craft seriously. This photographer is one hat understands that missing a key shot is not an option. The camera has to be on the constant go.

For any individual looking to go into photography, one thing they must understand is that it is a challenging profession. However, with the challenges faced, there are also rewards. As a career path, it can be very enjoyable and lucrative.

So, when you are tasked with the responsibility of covering the special day of a close friend, family or client, there are certain things you need to have at the back of your mind that will make the process smooth. These tips will make the shoot hassle free:

  • Be Sure

It is one thing to have a certain idea of your capabilities but in reality, are you sure you can handle the demands? Wedding photography is a lot of work. If you are not careful, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the responsibilities attached to it. If you are not sure of your strengths, remember, no one is forcing you to take the job in wedding photography Hertfordshire. You can always turn it down.

Before you make the commitment to cover a wedding solo, it is highly advised that you garner experience as an intern for an expert in wedding photography Hertfordshire like or you serve as a second shooter for the local photographer. Even if you don’t get paid, know that the exposure will help you.

  • Have the Shot List

Organization, Preparation and Planning. These are 3 core objectives hat must guide you in your journey as a wedding photographer. Luckily for you, a shot list is one of the several methods available to better prepare for a wedding shoot. It ensures that no key shots are missing in the album.

The couple will be looking forward to seeing certain images in their wedding album. With a shot list, you can ensure that you do not omit any during wedding photography Hertfordshire.

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What Parents Should Know About Newborn Baby Photography Safety

newborn baby photographyParents want the best and have every moment captured. Looking for a newborn baby photography session is a part of that and it’s getting very common nowadays. More and more photographers are offering the service to capture your little’s ones very first days of life. But with that, issues on safety arose, as more photographers with a very minimum background of handling newborn babies.

Safety is your first priority and don’t you think that nothing could happen in an innocent session of taking baby pictures. Yes, a lot of things can happen there if you don’t know how to keep the photographer from recklessly handling your newborn baby.


A newborn baby requires warmth to get the immune system and metabolism running well. As the baby is still new to the environment, you need to make sure it’s comfortable all the time. The body can only focus on adjusting and strengthening the baby right now, but not fighting against coldness. When you enter the studio, you want it to be warm enough for your baby.

Optionally, a portable heater should be turned on and blasted towards the baby’s position, but not too close. It should be from a good enough distance, so it’s at the right warmth level.


A photographer has to be very gentle in handling babies. This quality is arguably hard to determine when you first meet them because you are supposedly still a few months away from due date. But there’s a big chance that experienced photographers are gentler with newborn babies. They are not awkward and knows exactly how to hold newborn babies the right way.

You can see portfolios of newborn baby photography at The more pictures of different babies they can show, the better it is because that means they have a lot of experiences with newborn babies.

Your own observation

It’s also important that you remind the photographer to be given details on what he plans to do for the photography. That way, you get more insight into what kind of props are used, how they are used and if your baby will only be placed around a safe set. Somethings are more to your own opinions and observation, as the use of a hanging bag.

Some photographers don’t think it’s going to be dangerous to use hanging bags. As long as they are hung on a reliable, durable hook, you wouldn’t have to worry about the bag falling down. Newborn babies also don’t move around as much and mostly just sleep. But some parents don’t like the idea at all and prefer to keep the baby on the ground.

Enjoy it but remain observant

This is a session where you will make the very first memories with your little one since the day the baby arrives at the world. It’s a happy day and you need to enjoy this day to the max even though you might be tired from sleepless nights and from thinking about the pile of work you need to do. But remain observant on how your photographer is taking care of the baby.

Overall, newborn baby photography is a great way to make memories so long as you keep it a safe and enjoyable session with your photographer!

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How to Become a Professional Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer LincolnshireYou made the decision to become a wedding photographer. You feel ready to make this your choice, having known the things that you need to do and what you need to have. However, it’s not the end of the journey that you started. You want to become a professional Lincolnshire wedding photographer.

What do you have to do while you are still a beginner in the world of wedding photography?

It starts here

Even before your first job, you need to know that the road to becoming a professional wedding photographer doesn’t stop when you decided to become one. It doesn’t end just because you have been working as one for years. It is something that you need to work on every day and improve it constantly. A wedding photographer must understand that the image you set for your clients on the first time will stay for a long time.

One-time hire

Every client that you meet won’t come back to you for another wedding photography shoot unless you provide different services. If you want them to feel comfortable and satisfied to come back for more of your services, you must remember that you need to give your best in every wedding photography. This is not just to motivate you because every client will literally wish the same.

This means you need to make the habit of making a good first impression. A professional photographer knows how to communicate well when meeting for the first time. As much as you may feel uncomfortable about it, it’s part of the job. Or they will refer to their long list of other available wedding photographers.

If you feel like you need more experience, we suggest learning about this from Symply Photography, a Lincolnshire wedding photographer. This is the best choice that you cannot go wrong with because a lot of photographers cannot follow the friendliness this particular photographer shows.

Expect the problems

We are pretty sure that you know what your responsibilities are. You may have planned and prepared yourself for your first wedding photography such as where to go and how to shoot. But have you anticipated the possible problems that may happen?

A lot of things can happen in a wedding photography, such as having guests hindering your job because of their enthusiasm. That’s right. With better smartphones having better cameras released, more and more people are turning into photographers in a wedding, when you are the one being paid by your client.

There is also the problem with having to face clients with a tendency to take over the job. Meaning, they want to tell you what you should do, all of it. They won’t let you do what you plan but wishes to make the plans themselves. In actuality, clients are not always that bad, but when you do meet one that is as bad as this, what will you do?

These are the beginnings of a Lincolnshire wedding photographer who has the aim to become a professional. It’s not just about accepting offers and taking pictures, as you can see, as more efforts have to be made to improve your skills and your image. Those are the keys.

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How a Wedding Photographer Scotland Communicate

wedding photographer ScotlandA wedding photographer Scotland must always know how to communicate with clients and other people. Anyone would prefer to communicate with someone who makes it easy to hit up a conversation. And your client will obviously love to work with you more, resulting in more positive reviews after the job!

Start with a smile

Welcome everyone who is meeting you for the first time with a confident smile. Give them a firm handshake and let them settle comfortably on the sofa. Start with briefly telling them your name and remember their names from when they called you or emailed you about themselves. Break the ice by offering them drinks and ask how are they doing.

It’s important that you know everything they told you about. On a phone call, details can be missed when your client mentions them briefly, but people, in general, are pleased if you remember even the things they didn’t mention clearly. That shows you are an attentive person, someone they can comfortably talk to and feel listened to.

Are they worried?

Some couples are worried, especially because they are limited in terms of budget. They want to get the best photographer with the best package, but that might cost them way too much. Thus, they have to compromise and may end up getting a smaller package. Help them as much as you can, by telling them which package they can’t go wrong with and still won’t cause a black hole in their pockets.

A wedding photographer Scotland who cares about his clients are more likely to be hired in the end even if your client did not put you on top of their list. Being a friendly and lovely fellow like the photographer from will easily change their mind. It’s not just about having a good pair of photographer’s eyes, but also the attitude that makes your clients feel comfortable and happy.

Speak confidently and clearly

Before you meet them, you can set aside some time to think about what they could possibly ask. A wedding photographer has to appear confident with what he does and people will judge that from how you give them answers. If you can’t sound assured, your clients won’t feel so.

For example, you don’t just tell them that this package looks good, but also why many other couples like it. Let them sound their opinions, whether that’s positive or negative because that way you will have better chances of convincing them and allowing them to trust you. Show them that you try your best to give them the best service they could ever ask for.

Be a listener

Do not be that guy who keeps marketing nonstop from since the clients arrive till they leave. Let them speak and tell you why they came to you, what they wanted and what they expected. Offer them as necessary, not as if you want to sell all your services to one person. This is a job that requires professionalism and it shows from your attitude as a professional.

A professional wedding photographer Scotland has to make sure that he’s not overwhelming the clients but still present himself well.

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First Job? Here’s What You Should Do!

wedding photographers WaterfordWe really understand how some wedding photographers Waterford were so nervous on their first job. You might have worked under a professional before and basically understands the way of a wedding photographer. However, doing things yourself must have been a first and to be entrusted with something that important; anyone would be nervous!

That’s why we have prepared this easy to understand guide for all you first timers!

Venue scouting

Beginners must prepare themselves thoroughly. That includes scouting the venue on your own or with the clients during a rehearsal. You might or might not have been to the place, yet, you have never been to these places as a lead photographer. For your first job to be smooth, you need to recognize the place easily and are able to decide where to go and position yourself.

If you arrive with the decorations partly done, you will get a better view of how the place will look like. Inspiration will flow more correctly as you can find the best angle to shoot the clients and venue from. This is important for you to plan where you want to place your equipment and where the best spots are for taking wedding pictures.


Another important aspect to care is the equipment that you will use for your shooting. Before setting out, you need to check and make sure that the cameras are operating and things like the memory cards and lighting equipment work. Yet, even though they look fine in the morning, you need to prepare backup just in case your main equipment doesn’t work.

Professional wedding photographers Waterford like always make sure they have spare cameras to use. They also bring spare batteries and memory cards in case that the files get corrupted in the middle of the way or if the battery run out. Clients and guests won’t wait for you to finish charging your camera or formatting the memory card.

Plan the shoot

Remember to ask for the itinerary as soon as possible to plan what you need to shoot and when they should be done. The schedule may change on an actual day as unexpected things happen. However, this should help you imagine how long you may need for each session and revise your plan for your next job. For example, the group pictures session may take longer than you have prepared.

As you plan, remember to also bring up back up plans. If the time allocated is not enough, discuss with your clients on what you have in mind to still get the most important ones. It is also part of your responsibility to help your clients understand how long they need to get the pictures they want.

Expect the unexpected

Nobody wishes for rain on their wedding days, but it happens. We don’t plan for it, but we prepare in case of it happening. And like that, you can prepare umbrellas for the session in case they may need it. Even if it doesn’t rain, an umbrella can become a good prop to use.

Just like that, wedding photographers Waterford must learn expecting unfortunate things happening and turning them into opportunities.

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Why Rehearse: What It Does to Your Career

North Wales wedding photographerAttending rehearsals is often deemed unnecessary for many photographers. For a professional North Wales wedding photographer, though, should you have a different opinion on this?

After getting to know about the issue from many other photographers, we wish to tell you about it.

Those who don’t

As a matter of fact, there are a number of professional photographers who decide to not attend their clients’ rehearsals unless it’s very necessary. It’s not like they always fail in their wedding photography job and there are still clients satisfied with their job. Photography is a subjective thing; you may hate it but others could love it.

However, these are people who could’ve done more for their clients. It’s not that hard to attend the rehearsals of your client and you can even include a lot of pictures from there. If you’re one of those who also think that attending isn’t necessary, read on.

Who did it

There are many wedding photographers who remain diligent in attending their clients’ wedding rehearsals. Those rehearsals can last hours in the evening when photographers could’ve chilled or focused on their other work. But these people gain benefits from it.

These photographers have the chance to take some rehearsal pictures. As a matter of fact, there are photographers who actually made it into a paid service. It’s, however, a better idea to just include it into the whole package. Clients appreciate bonus service better than having to be conscious about paying it.

A professional North Wales wedding photographer who does it is from It doesn’t just give her the chance to take pictures of the rehearsal, but also other benefits. She gets to rehearse herself, too!

That’s right, you can practice. But why do that if you’ve already done this for years? No venue is the same and you may be met with clients with uncommon requests and conditions. That demands you to be professional and prepared for the wedding even though it’s a first for you. Just remember the day when you first work on a wedding photography. You were so careful and prepared so much for it!

Help your clients

Sometimes, your clients need help with their wedding preparation and they may not even realize it. Your insight will always be appreciated by them, whether or not they will act based upon it. If they do, your points will be added up and if they don’t, you can chill and help out with something else. Meeting up in person will also allow you to discuss wedding pictures and try them on the spot.

You can show some of your ideas and send the pictures of their rehearsal dinner as teaser pictures for their wedding pictures.

Helping them will also build the relationship between you. If the two of you are comfortable with each other, it’ll be easier to work with them later on the actual wedding. The rehearsal day has a more relaxed vibe to it, but on the wedding day, the couple could be very nervous. Knowing they’ve practiced beforehand with their North Wales wedding photographer will help with their expression and produce better pictures.

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How to Recognize a Professional Wedding Photographer

Cornwall wedding photographyThere are a couple of signs that you can learn about to see if a wedding photographer is professional. These signs aren’t hard to spot as long as you ask the right question and wait for the right answer. Booking your Cornwall wedding photography won’t be a hard thing to do by then!

Bookmark this page if you want, you know it’s going to be useful!


Experience of a photographer doesn’t just mean that he’s good at the job. In fact, there are many newbies with great ideas in their head. But experience sets them different in terms of practical ability. These experienced photographers do better in actual jobs; they know what to bring to the job, how to prepare for each of them and how to deal with different kinds of clients.

Inquire about the photographer’s experience. You can find out if the photographer has done wedding photography at the same venue before or meet clients with a similar theme.

Professional treatment

The first meeting with your photographer is a very good moment to judge if the photographer is professional. You need to see that the photographer gives a very serious attention to you as you speak. He should also reply to your story with questions for better clarification. This kind of attentive acts shows that the photographer is professional.

This photographer also will not try to keep marketing or offering his photography package but listens to your request and see if there’s one that suits you or customize it for you.

An example of professional Cornwall wedding photography is You can see some of the pictures done by him and a wide-range of photography package to choose from.

Limited book slot

This kind of photographer never let themselves be tempted to take up jobs more than what they can do. They make sure that they accept your job if they know they can give their best for it. One way to find out is to ask about it as well.

Ask how many weddings he works on every year. Then find out how many weddings he works on around your date. While the photographer may say that he can do the job perfectly, it’s important that they often exaggerate themselves in front of you. If there are already more than 3 other weddings in within 7 days before and after your date, it’s time to move on and find someone else.

A photographer shouldn’t take up more than 60 jobs in a year as well. That just means he’s forcing himself and you will be seeing how some of your pictures aren’t properly edited or even missing moments in between.

Helps you!

The best kind of photographer is the kind that helps you with your wedding. It doesn’t mean they have to be there to help carry stuff and prepare things, but with their experience, they can share their insight on the party or what you can do for your Cornwall wedding photography.

For example, is there anything they can tell you about getting married at the venue? Some photographers that attend rehearsal can also advise a thing or two about the wedding decoration that you’d love to listen.

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How’s Your Wedding Planning Going?

wedding photographers Orange CountyA couple has a lot to be concerned about in planning their wedding. Because it’s something that only happens once, you’ve got one shot to make sure it will be perfect. At the very least, you don’t want it to be embarrassing and wants to give your best shot at it.

From arranging the entertainment to hiring the right wedding photographers Orange County, you have to be careful and more thorough than you thought.

Start from referrals
The best place to start looking is from recommendations of close friends or family members. Are there any vendors that your brothers, sisters or close friends that you think are good? As for their contact number and place them as a priority if you enjoyed their service. There’s little way to figure out whether you’ll like them except attending a wedding where their service is requested.

You can be sure of the quality of service they provide and don’t have to worry about it much anymore. Although there is still a chance that there’s someone better out there.

Shifting through the list

Sometimes, couples don’t know where to start aside from getting referrals from trusted sources. The list of vendors can go on and on and you don’t know how to decide who is better. It’s best, however, to start with something that is sure, such as the venue.

Most couples can easily decide and mention the list of venues they will be using. From there on, you can figure out the vendors that you can use, such as the cook and photographer. Wedding photographers Orange County from are often recommended by venues. This kind of photographers is more reliable and more familiar working with that particular venue.

An experienced photographer is especially important because everything that happens can only be immortalized through pictures and videos. Someone who’s worked at the same place before will be able to predict and take better shots at a better timing.

Plan early

This whole planning and consulting can take a lot of time from your side. Make sure that you’re setting aside at least 1-2 years to prepare everything from the rings, gown, vendors, and organizers. You will also be able to recall more guests that you want to invite during the time and avoid forgetting anyone in the process.

There’s also the fact that the vendor that you want or trust is booked out on that date. If you come early, you might’ve been able to take the spot first. To avoid this, early planning and booking are necessary. All you need to do later is to discuss further and work out the best food for the chef, pose for the photographer, and program for the entertainment.

Get help!

Don’t stress yourself out and get sick before your wedding day. The wedding is something you want to enjoy and because of that, you’re doing your best to create the best one of your life. That also means you need to enjoy the process.

Trying to do everything on your own can cause stress and unnecessary worries. Bring a friend for gown fitting when your partner is too busy. Ask for squad’s help to prepare the souvenirs or bonbons. Figure each other’s art preference if you haven’t when you chat with your wedding photographers Orange County. Spoil yourself at the spa to release the stress and tension on your wedding planning.

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Newborn Photographer: Becoming One That Is Professional

newborn photography CalgaryMost parents that want to have some newborn pictures taken would look for a professional. It’s not just about the pictures quality, but also how proper their photographer will be in handling their newborn. Becoming a professional in newborn photography Calgary is not simple but it definitely requires some practice and dedication.

Following this advice can help you in forging the path to a professional career.

Holding and moving babies

When you move babies, be sure to move them quietly. In a photography session, you are very likely to use a lot of blankets and props. When you need to move the baby away, try to hold the head and the body aligned and slowly. Don’t make sudden movements that will wake the baby up.

Arranging the props

When you prepare the set, make sure everything is in place and ready to be moved soon. For example, you can stack the blankets used layer by layer. This will make it easy to change prop as one person can lift and the other can just pull out the blanket. Plan the poses that you will probably use. Be sure to prepare more than needed because sometimes babies can’t settle in one position.

Create a calm environment

Another important thing is to create a calm and tranquil place for the newborn baby. Keep the room temperature warm and use portable heaters if necessary. Not too close, just enough to keep the baby warm and sleepy. You might sweat a lot, so try to wear something comfortable and light.

You can look the effect of this on the pictures of newborn photography Calgary by The calm faces of the babies in these pictures are what you should be aiming to see in the babies of your sessions, too.

This environment is also important to keep the mother calm and rested. After labor, mothers require all the rest they can get. Prepare refreshments for those that have to wait for hours.

White noise

White noise helps calm the little one. It’s similar to hushing them to sleep and it can prevent the baby from being wakened up by sudden noises. You can download an app or even hush the baby yourself!

Making safety a priority

This is a very important aspect you need to hold on. It will affect how you shoot and the results of the pictures. Many photographers compromise this and truth to be told, some survived and nothing major happened. However, risks like these should be avoided at all cost and be handled with editing process if possible.

A newborn baby is very fragile and shouldn’t become a model right after they are born. For example, a hand has to lift the baby’s head up when you’re doing that head on hands pose. The beanbag shouldn’t be actually hung mid-air and placed on the ground when there’s baby in it. Edit it with a hung beanbag captured.

Stack blankets and soft surfaces around the baby to prevent accidents or major injuries if anything happens. The baby should also always be within an adult’s watch. Discuss any doubts in doing certain poses with the baby during your newborn photography Calgary.4

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6 Things to Watch When Hiring a Photo Booth

Surrey photo booth hireThe photo booth is without a doubt one of the best things to have in an event. It does nothing and simply takes fun pictures of the guests, but that’s also what many people like to do: to take as many fun and memorable moments home with them!

So, what are the things that you need to watch to make sure the booth will run smoothly with minimum supervising? Here are 6 things to remember from a Surrey photo booth hire.

1.    A butler

The first thing they need to have is a butler. The butler will help in taking care of the booth and will be ready whenever you want it close or open. The butler will also help the guests in operating the booth and have their pictures taken.

2.    Sizing and editing

The next thing would be the range of options you have with the pictures that come out from the booth. You probably still remember how photo booths from the past only allow small pictures that look a bit blurry.

But these days, photo booths are equipped with some of the highest quality cameras to ensure quality pictures. No more crappy resolutions as you’ll be having crystal clear pictures coming out from this booth.

Photo booths are also equipped with lots of different famous effects guests like to use. From the monochrome look to the famous sepia and colored images styles for you to choose. We’re glad to tell you that one of the best Surrey photo booth hires that provides that can be found from Captive Photography at

3.    Customize your backdrop!

With Luxestar photo booth, you can choose how you want your background to look like. It doesn’t have to be a cramped space; anywhere around the wedding venue can become the photo booth spot. This is important as personalization will the pictures much more memorable.

Imagine if you hired the same photo booth with others and your guests coincidentally attended that, too. They’ll just be taking another picture in the same place, just different outfit.

4.    Props

Props are very important. They make the pictures all the more fun! With that said, it’s not easy to come up with props ideas, but the place that lets you hire their service should also be providing this. They cannot be too tacky and comply with the theme of the party. With enough discussions, they should know what your photo booth will need.

5.    Guestbook for fun

Another thing that can add to the fun is a guest book. If you’re going to hire a photo booth for your wedding event, the pictures won’t just be brought home by the guests, but some will be left for you to check out their craziness when you couldn’t. A guest book filled with the pictures taken from the photo booth and messages from your craziest friends.

6.    Upload them!

The last, but not the least thing that many couples like is having the option to integrate it with live streaming during the party or uploading them to social media. It’s a great way to quickly post them and entertain the guests as they wait for the party to start.

These are 6 things you shouldn’t miss when getting a Surrey photo booth hire.

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How to Shoot Better Portrait Photography

portrait photographyPortrait photography is a very old style of photographing people. It revolves around capturing people in posed style. Portrait captures whole or part of the body and usually shows the face of the subject. The style that photographer uses in capturing portraits have also begun to differ, but the core is still the same.

Right now, we will tell you how you can improve your photography skills by capturing portraits. Most likely, you haven’t implemented some of this or perhaps, you didn’t maximize them. It’s time to realize your talent better!

More background

How about increasing the background’s frame in the picture? Don’t keep on having the subject in the middle but move it to show more of the wall or the beautiful backdrop she’s standing at. Remember that just because the model is not standing in the middle, it does not mean that the people will be distracted when they look at the picture.

Remaining focused on the subject is a way to do this. You also shouldn’t shoot too far from the subject. Just enough to get her torso and up.

Change your angle

Always try to capture things is a different angle. Try snapping the same picture in a tilted way. Don’t be afraid to try out things. You can delete them later if you don’t like them. Also, you can snap your subject from sideways or even the back! As long as you can capture the subject’s features, you’re doing great.

Check out the different angle in portrait photography done by

Zoom in

Rather than focusing too much on the overall person, try to zoom into small details that you find significant about the person. On the other hand, you can also make the person carry a bag or something else to be focused on.

Put a nice bokeh on the subject while you do that. This can be hard to do if you don’t get close enough to the subject or if you place the object too close to the subject. You can also focus on the ground where your model is standing on. That crack in the wall makes the room feels vintage. That elegant vase makes the room feels classier, and so on.

You can also zoom in the facial features of the model. The eye is always a mesmerizing part of the body that is worth capturing. You can take a picture of the only window to the heart and world. Remember to time your focus carefully and do not use flash. It’s dangerous to the eyes.

Long exposure

Try to shoot a long exposure of your subject. This is especially great when done in crowded places. You can defocus people’s attention on the crowd around the subjects and allow the model to look sharp in the picture.


Another thing you can do is to edit the picture. There’s a lot of things you can do to portrait pictures. The advancement of editing tools allows portrait photography to no more look old or outdated. Try to put the picture in black and white mode, and then allow only specific colors to show up. Or enhance only one color, and bring down the contrast of other colors.

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Imроrtаnt Infоrmаtіоn Yоur Wеddіng Photographer Should Tеll Yоu


Lancashire wedding photographerGеttіng spectacular рhоtоѕ fоr one оf thе mоѕt ѕресіаl dауѕ іn уоur life will dереnd оn dоіng rеѕеаrсh аnd сhооѕіng thе right professional fоr the jоb.

Sо, how wіll уоu rесоgnіzе the rіght wеddіng рhоtоgrарhеr Lаnсаѕhіrе whо wіll сrеаtе the mоѕt аmаzіng рісturеѕ fоr you? Eаѕе of соmmunісаtіоn with your рhоtоgrарhеr will bе one important fасtоr іn ensuring уоur hарріnеѕѕ (and ѕаnіtу) оn the day. Here аrе some mоrе essential bіtѕ of іnfоrmаtіоn that уоur wеddіng photographer should provide уоu.

Cost оf Gеttіng tо thе Lосаtіоn:

Rеgаrdlеѕѕ of thеіr рrоfеѕѕіоnаl location, most wedding photographers wіll оftеn be wіllіng to trаvеl. Yоu need tо gеt a gооd іdеа about thе mіlеаgе costs thаt you wіll have tо dеal wіth.

Mаkе sure you аrе gеttіng a ѕресіfіс figure rіght frоm thе ѕtаrt. Hidden costs соuld bе a ѕnаg in уоur wedding рlаnnіng, аnd an unpleasant surprise. A gооd рrоfеѕѕіоnаl іѕ gоіng to give уоu all of the details thаt you nееd tо make up уоur mind. Trаnѕраrеnсу іѕ еѕѕеntіаl, еѕресіаllу whеn іt соmеѕ tо рrісіng роlісу.


Whаt kіnd of ѕtуlе are уоu lооkіng fоr? Do уоu want black аnd whіtе photographs? Arе you іntеrеѕtеd іn staging ѕоmеthіng in раrtісulаr or dо уоu wаnt the рісturеѕ tо арреаr nаturаl?

Tаlk tо thе wеddіng рhоtоgrарhеr Lаnсаѕhіrе about your preferences аnd (іf роѕѕіblе) kеер (wеll-mеаnіng) rеlаtіvеѕ оut оf thе dіѕсuѕѕіоn.

Evеrуbоdу has some іdеа when it соmеѕ tо thе aesthetics оf the wеddіng аlbum. Hоwеvеr there іѕ аlѕо a fаmоuѕ saying thаt “tоо mаnу сhеfѕ ѕроіl thе broth”. Thе fіnаl dесіѕіоn іѕ and ѕhоuld, ѕоlеlу bе уоurѕ tо mаkе.

  • Dіѕсuѕѕ ideas wіth thе рhоtоgrарhеr.
  • Tаkе a look аt thеіr portfolio аnd ask questions in advance.
  • A gооd should be аblе tо рrоvіdе іdеаѕ аnd ѕuggеѕtіоnѕ thаt will make thе оrіgіnаl соnсерt even mоrе spectacular.
  • Yоu could аlѕо gеt detailed іnfоrmаtіоn about thе pros аnd роѕѕіblе shortcomings of the photography style thаt you аrе interested іn (gіvіng уоu a balanced реrѕресtіvе) ѕо уоu саn mаkе thе bеѕt dесіѕіоn.

Numbеr оf Photos:

A reputable wеddіng рhоtоgrарhеr Lаnсаѕhіrе should аlѕо gіvе уоu a good idea about thе numbеr оf wedding рhоtоѕ уоu саn еxресt.

Yоu could also іnԛuіrе аbоut thе numbеr оf hours that thе рhоtоgrарhеr will be working аnd the numbеr of рhоtоgrарhѕ thеѕе hоurѕ соuld trаnѕlаtе іntо. In thе beginning, it mау ѕееm like a really bіg fіgurе. You mау hеаr ѕоmеthіng lіkе 400 or 500 photographs.

But соnѕіdеr the рrе сеrеmоnу, thе сеrеmоnу itself, thе rесерtіоn аnd also thе рhоtо ѕеѕѕіоn уоu аrе gоіng to hаvе with уоur significant other. Yоu will probably need several hundrеd photographs tо сарturе all of thоѕе ѕресіаl mоmеntѕ!

Type оf Products Avаіlаblе:

Fіnаllу, уоu should discuss реrѕоnаlіzаtіоn possibilities. Rерutаblе wedding рhоtоgrарhеrѕ wіll соnѕult уоu оn thе bеѕt wеddіng аlbum ѕtуlе. They will also ѕuggеѕt thе сrеаtіоn оf personalized рrоduсtѕ such as thаnk-уоu cards оr wеddіng favors for your guests.

You nееd аll оf thіѕ information to gеt аn accurate idea about the tоtаl аmоunt you will nееd tо ѕреnd оn wedding photography and the rеѕultѕ you are gоіng tо gеt.

Tаlk tо уоur Lancashire wеddіng рhоtоgrарhеr аbоut thе costs, the ѕtуlе of preference and thе numbеr оf photographs you wаnt. Mаkе ѕurе thаt уоur idea іѕ undеrѕtооd аnd thаt the рhоtоgrарhеr wіll be wіllіng tо capture уоur special day bеаrіng your requests in mіnd.

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Getting Married? 7 Things You Should Know

Lancashire wedding photographyIt’s a huge thing. Marriage marks the start of a whole new life with a significant one. You and your partner are legally one family. Your partner loves and you know that, but the ceremony is meant to show them how serious both of you are in building a family together.

So many things will be involved! You know that for a couple of months to years ahead, you will be busy sending out invitations, visiting vendors, and venues, as well as googling for tips and inspirations. It’s such an exciting, yet stressful process!

So, what are the necessary steps and things to remember and watch out for? Taken from successful weddings, vendors and learned couples, check out the premium tips to enhance your wedding quality!

Set the date early on

There are way too many engaged couples that never ended up in marriage. It was not because of financial problems; the commitment is just not there. Not even the date is set! Before commencing or even thinking about proposing your significant one, make sure that you have made a strong commitment to yourself and convince your partner to seriously consider it.

Check the season

Living in a 4-season country gives you a lot of choices to decorate your wedding and backdrop of the venue. But, that’s not the only one that’s affected by the season. Your wedding dress and availability of flowers will also be affected. You should also consider when to book your Lancashire wedding photography and how the pictures will turn out.

Book the vendors early

Many wedding vendors, especially wedding photographers, are booked as early as 2 years in advance. Now you know how tight the competition can get, right? Whenever you find a photographer whose works you like, drop a line or call them soon. Meet face-to-face or Skype to get to know them and their personality. You should never book less than 1 year in advance as there’s a small chance to get a professional wedding vendor that way.


Although you have to make the decision early one, compared to as many as others as possible. Set a priority. Is it your budget? The quality? Your preference? For example, there are some vendors who allow customization to their package. In a Lancashire wedding photography package, some give their clients the freedom to reproduce the pictures immediately. Some give a wide choice of wedding album design.

Listen to friends

Friends who are married, of course. Since they had the experience of dealing with it themselves, they will at least have an idea of where you should start looking. Give it a thought and compare with what you have found yourselves.

Have a rehearsal whenever possible

If the venue is within a reasonable distance, make time for a rehearsal. It is a good idea to at least briefly practicing on what will happen and how everybody should stand and position themselves. Don’t forget your wedding vendors! Of course, it is totally up to you and your budget to decide the number of people.

Inviting vendors over is more to help with the technicalities rather than a mannerism. Although some are pretty familiar and accustomed to the venue (for being a featured vendor, for example), it is good to introduce vendors to the family.

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