A Wedding in Scotland – The Perfect Location

beach weddingWhen it comes to weddings, you can definitely expect that for the couple involved, it is considered to be one of the most important days in their lives if not the most important and it is a day that will be remembered with fondness years down the line. For prospective couples, achieving the perfect wedding day boils down to getting the right setting and location in place. Every year, the country of Scotland witnesses a flock of wedding hopefuls looking to take advantage of its wedding beautiful scenery and iconic heritage. This is not only due to the perfect backdrop it presents on the wedding day but it also provides the right setting for a wedding photographer Scotland to shoot stunning images.

Scotland is definitely one location that serves as hosts to unique gems in terms of wedding locations and there are so many of them being sought after year in and year out. When individuals think of the Scottish locale, what comes to mind is a picture of grand hills covered with heather, tranquil rivers filled with salmon and quaint forests that serve as home to the stag. If this picture is what you have in mind for your wedding ceremony and reception, then the ideal place to go to would be the Highlands. There are certainly great locations in the highlands that would be perfect for a wedding, but if you want all the wildness and stunning scenery, Royal Deeside is definitely the place to go especially if you want your wedding photographer Scotland producing the best of pictures.

The capital city – Edinburgh

Another location that can be looked at is the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. This serves as home to historical venues like the Holyrood Palace, Arthurs Seat Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle. Due to the popularity of Edinburgh as a tourist spot, it would be advisable to think outside the box when booking a wedding venue so as to avoid getting a crowded spot. With the bountiful venues and beauty spots available in the region, there are certainly places that would be ideal for weddings.

More intimate

For the more intimate affairs that require only a few people, the Scottish islands is the way to go as it offers privacy, romance and scenery all at the same time. One island to consider that provides elements of romance, privacy and scenery as well as the perfect backdrop for wedding photographer Scotland to take pictures is Iona. Iona is the home to the popular Iona Abbey and is visited quite often by Christian pilgrims. As with other popular locations, Iona is a place that ought to booked months in advance.

Feel welcome

Regardless of where your wedding or wedding reception holds in Scotland, there is one thing that is certain and that is the locals are bound to make you feel welcomed and ensure that your day goes perfectly well. If you are in the Scotland region and are still yet to decide on the perfect choice of wedding photographer Scotland, Rankine Photography is the solution you seek.

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